Top 20 Open Access Journals in Biology & Biochemistry – 2024

Top Open Access Journals in Biology & Biochemistry (2024)

Journal CiteScore Publisher
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 164.4 Springer Nature
Nature Medicine 107.5 Springer Nature
Cell 102 Elsevier
Nature Reviews Cancer 96.7 Springer Nature
Physiological Reviews 79.5 American Physiological Society
Nature Reviews Genetics 73.2 Springer Nature
Nature Biotechnology 71.9 Springer Nature
Molecular Cancer 64.9 Springer Nature
The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 58.1 Elsevier
Nature Genetics 53.8 Springer Nature
Nature Catalysis 53 Springer Nature
Cancer Cell 52.9 Elsevier
Cell Metabolism 49 Elsevier
Nature Methods 48.9 Springer Nature
Endocrine Reviews 46.6 The Endocrine Society
Nature Microbiology 44.9 Springer Nature
Annual Review of Plant Biology 42.5 Annual Reviews Inc.
Annual Review of Biochemistry 42 Annual Reviews Inc.
Nature Cell Biology 38.5 Springer Nature
Cell Stem Cell 35.4 Elsevier


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