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Academic English Editing

Our English Editing Services provides a new outlook on the manuscript, fine-tuning the English Language to make the manuscript compliant with other international submissions.

Academic Translation

We undertake translation services for the following languages. We provide fast professional (human) translation by streamlining the translation process (mainly for scholarly research papers).

English Editing Services-IRP
Academic Plagiarism Checking

High plagiarism score of the manuscript during peer review leads to rejection. It is always better to get Plagiarism reports before submission of manuscripts. 

Increase your acceptance chances
for publication by a high Impact Factor journal


English Editing


Plagiarism Checking


Peer Review


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What Makes Us the Best?

Subject Experts

We assign a paper only to a subject expert. The editor must have a PhD degree in the subject area of the article to be edited.


Another editor checks an edited paper for quality. If we find any compromise in the quality, we re-edit it before delivering.

Native Speakers

We have only native English-speaking editors from USA, UK, and India. We assure you that our low prices are not at the cost of quality.

Quality Assurance

We assure you that we deliver only the best quality edited papers. Our edited papers never get rejected solely due to English.  

Benefits Available At No Extra Cost These are available with all editing services

Certificate of Editing

We provide an editing certificate to non-English authors at no extra fee. Many journals require this certificate. All major publishers and journals across the world accept our certificate.

Post Editing Support

We resolve all queries of authors raised after our editing. If authors wish to know why a change has been made, we happily give the reason and explain the rule involved therein.

Guarantee of Acceptance

All papers edited by us are guaranteed for acceptance. If a paper is rejected only due to English, and no changes have been made, we will re-edit it for free.

Our Services Beyond Editing

Peer Review Services

With our peer review service, you can get our experts to review your paper and provide constructive feedback so that you can improve your manuscript much before you make the submission. Our assessment process here resembles those undertaken at major high-impact journals, maximizing your chances of receiving favorable comments from journal editors.

Plagiarism Checking

Our plagiarism checker report helps you identify passages in your manuscript that might be flagged by the journal for accidental plagiarism. We thoroughly check your manuscript for such situations by using a software that is widely used in the academic community to check the originality of a document.

Translation Services

We bring you a unique synergy of cutting-edge technology, highly experienced language experts, and multi-layered quality processes for all your academic translation needs, making sure that your research gets all the success it deserves. Whatever your need may be, our team of experts is here to make sure that your paper is not just translated, but also treated in such a way that it retains its quality and essence.

Our Client Commitment We are committed to providing you the highest quality and best support.

On-Time Delivery

We understand that your time is valuable and therefore make sure we always meet our deadlines.

24/7 Email
Customer Support

We offer 24-hour email support to provide you with accurate information and to swiftly address & resolve all your queries.

Data Security With
256-Bit SSL Encryption

We care about data confidentiality and have strong policies, procedures, and infrastructure in place to keep your valuable information secure.

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Your english editing is carried out by your choice of Subject Matter Expertise We have a team of 1600+ expertise across the subjects & countries.
We have editors across every subject area who are on hand to support you with your research. Our editors native English speakers and most have postgraduate-level qualifications. Our editors take confidentiality seriously and will never share information about your research or manuscript.

Frequently Asked Questions

English editing involves reviewing and revising written content in English to improve clarity, coherence, grammar, punctuation, and overall quality.

English editing services can help enhance the quality and professionalism of your written materials, making them more effective in conveying your message to your audience.

Anyone who produces written content in English can benefit from editing services, including students, academics, researchers, authors, businesses, and professionals.

The level of editing required depends on the quality of your initial draft and your specific needs. Services may range from basic proofreading for grammar and spelling errors to comprehensive editing for style, structure, and content clarity.

We provide a Certificate of Editing to prove that your paper has been edited by professional native English-speaking experts.