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Sometimes, language deficiencies alone, rather than the quality of the science, can prevent the publication of a research article. Our goal is to help non-native English speakers reach a high level of excellence in their writing that matches the high standard set by English language scientific journals.
Academic English language editors in your field will proofread and edit the language in your manuscript, abstract, thesis, grant, or academic book to ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly and accurately.
Our subject matter experts ensure that your manuscript is ready for submission, by correcting errors in grammar, style, layout, citations, formatting, references, and more.

 Correction of all language and grammar errors in the document

Formatting of the manuscript for a journal of your choice

Your document will be checked by 2 experts

English Editing Services - International Research Promotion

Improve your manuscript presentation with English Editing support.

Why Choose Our Services Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. That is what we aim for in everything we do.

World-Class Editing Services

IRP English Editing Services helps researchers eliminate language barriers and see their work recognized and published in leading journals worldwide. With IRP English Language Editing Services, papers are matched to editors with relevant subject matter expertise who will fix typographical errors, correct grammar and punctuation, and rephrase with text that is accurate, concise, and clear. Our service provides a new outlook on the manuscript, fine-tuning the English Language to make the manuscript compliant with other international submissions. IRP, with proficient specialist editors from various scientific disciplines, offers services that will help modify your manuscript such that it can meet international publication standards. Our Copyediting team comprises experienced Editors who are Postgraduates, MPhils, and PhDs from reputed academic institutions as well as research scientists and academicians who are capable of editing Journals and Books across a wide range of subjects, be it scientific, technical or medical. Additionally, we try to engage English experts who are also subject specialists in the same area of the manuscript. The English Editing Services is designed to make you sound like a native English speaker. Customers will get an official certificate of editing, which can be verified online.

Our Features

 Conforming to either British or American English

 Improvement in language by opting for appropriate word choice

 In-depth peer review by a top-tier journal reviewer from your field

Improvements in paper structure, flow, & presentation

Detailed comments explaining critical revisions & recommending alternatives based on subject area & publication conventions

Detailed review of the edit by a managing editor from your subject area

Language editing for grammatical correctness, natural English tone, and accurate terminology by an editor from your field

Free language editing certificate

Editing & Proofreading is Simply easy & Straightforward

Our english editing and proofreading services help guarantees that your document is confidential, and so you do not have to worry about it. Just send us your dissertation topic along with the deadline and see the results that are far justified and mark the success of your dissertation.

We offer top-quality English Editing Services

High quality research deserves clear writing. We have brought together teams with expertise in subject-relevant editing to ensure that manuscripts meet international standards of scholarly English and are free of grammatical, spelling, and other common language errors. Select one of our high quality editing packages below.

Word Count             3 Days             4 Days             8 Days
Word Count             3 Days             4 Days             8 Days
Word Count             3 Days             4 Days             8 Days
For more than 12000 words Please contact us for a custom price.

Enter Number of Words in Your Manuscript A word count helps us in give you accurate pricing

For more than 12000 words Please contact us for a custom price.
English Editing Services 100% Customer Satisfaction - International Research Promotion

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You can count on us for excellence, expertise, and responsiveness in all our services. If we don’t deliver, we will not charge you, no questions asked.


Our manuscript editing fee is the most affordable in this industry for the service by native English and PhD editors.

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Successfully Published Papers Our mission is to get your papers published in your desired journals by offering all levels of English editing assistance and support services at every step of publication

Publisher: Nature
Journal: Nutrition & Diabetes
Impact Factor: 6.1
Paper Title: The potential prolonged effect at one-year follow-up after 18-month randomized controlled trial of a 90 g/day low-carbohydrate diet in patients with type 2 diabetes
Author: Chen, CY., Huang, WS., Ho, MH. et al.

Publisher: MDPI
Journal: Cells
Impact Factor: 6.0
Paper Title: iPSC Preparation and Epigenetic Memory: Does the Tissue Origin Matter?
Author: Scesa, Giuseppe, Raffaella Adami, and Daniele Bottai

Publisher: Public Library of Science
Journal: PLOS ONE
Impact Factor: 3.7
Paper Title: Effect of a 90 g/day low-carbohydrate diet on glycaemic control, small, dense low-density lipoprotein and carotid intima-media thickness in type 2 diabetic patients: An 18-month randomised controlled trial
Author: Chen, Chin-Ying, Wei-Sheng Huang, Hui-Chuen Chen et al.

Publisher: Ivyspring International Publisher
Journal: International Journal of Biological Sciences
Impact Factor: 9.2
Paper Title: S-adenosylmethionine tRNA modification: unexpected/unsuspected implications of former/new players
Author: Raffaella Adami and Daniele Bottai

Your english editing is carried out by your choice of Subject Matter Expertise We have a team of 1600+ expertise across the subjects & countries.
We have editors across every subject area who are on hand to support you with your research. Our editors native English speakers and most have postgraduate-level qualifications. Our editors take confidentiality seriously and will never share information about your research or manuscript.

What Our Clients Say About Us See how we support authors in achieving their publication goals with our services.

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