Plagiarism Check Report and Plagiarism Checker for Research Paper

Our plagiarism checker report assists in identifying passages within your manuscript that could potentially raise flags for accidental plagiarism by journal reviewers. Employing widely utilized software within the academic community, we meticulously examine your manuscript to detect any such instances. Furthermore, we offer an additional layer of scrutiny by providing a detailed report pinpointing problematic sections, accompanied by expert commentary on their potential impact on the journal’s assessment process.

A thorough plagiarism check for research papers with the Turnitin check software
Highlighting of problematic sections
A publication expert’s comments for corrective action

Why use IRP’s Plagiarism Check Services to detect potential plagiarism?

In academic publishing, plagiarism is widely condemned as a grave ethical transgression. Even the slightest instance of plagiarism, upon discovery, can lead to the rejection of your manuscript and detrimentally impact your standing and credibility within the scholarly community. Nevertheless, discerning what precisely qualifies as plagiarism can be challenging, posing a dilemma for students, fledgling researchers, junior academics, and seasoned authors alike.

Professional journal plagiarism detection services, such as the one provided by IRP, are indispensable for researchers striving to guarantee the originality of their manuscripts. Leveraging Turnitin, renowned for its credibility among leading peer-reviewed journals, we ensure meticulous scrutiny for any potential plagiarism. Moreover, our team of publication experts, equipped with profound insights into industry standards, will furnish comprehensive feedback and constructive suggestions. With our assistance, you can confidently submit an ethically impeccable manuscript poised for favorable reception and publication.

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Pricing Plagiarism/Similarity Checking Service

Plagiarism Check for Individual Authors

Price: $2



Pricing for Journal Publishers

Number of Manuscripts / year


20 Manuscripts


40 Manuscripts


80 Manuscripts


160 Manuscripts


320 Manuscripts


640 Manuscripts


** Individual documents should be within 6000 words. The preferred format for the document is MS Word.

Identification of Fake Machine Generated Paper The service is intended for publishers and conference organizers

Sometimes fake papers are generated by computer programs like SciGen, Mathgen, Physgen, etc. SciGen is a prank computer program that generates random computer science papers. Those fake papers look astonishingly real with interesting headings, graphs and citations. In 2014, Springer and IEEE, two of the biggest academic publishers, had to retract more than 120 papers because they were generated by SciGen. IRP helps publishers and conference organizers to identify machine-generated fake papers. After checking we provide a certificate with the detailed analysis result. Additionally, we provide a complimentary plagiarism identification analysis report for each manuscript.

Pricing Fake Machine Generated Paper Checking Service

Number of Manuscripts / year


10 Manuscripts


20 Manuscripts


30 Manuscripts


40 Manuscripts


50 Manuscripts


60 Manuscripts


70 Manuscripts


80 Manuscripts


90 Manuscripts


100 Manuscripts


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