7 Little-Known Ways to Finding the Right Book Editor

As a writer, your focus lies in shaping your ideas rather than meticulously checking every detail. This can make it challenging to spot flaws in logic or other issues that may alienate your readers. That’s why every writer can benefit from an editor! A professional book editor not only ensures technical correctness in grammar and punctuation but also provides invaluable insights from your target audience’s perspective. Editorial support comes in various forms, from ghost writing to proofreading, with most authors seeking either “copy editing” or “substantive editing” services. While different companies may use varying labels, this guide can help you compare services effectively.

Due to the extensive nature of a substantive edit, it necessitates closer collaboration between the author and editor, often requiring multiple rounds of revisions until all issues are adequately resolved.

Certain companies provide extensive editorial support known as developmental editing (also referred to as manuscript critiquing or literary review). While commonly sought during the early stages of book writing, these services remain valuable even after completion. During developmental editing, the editor thoroughly assesses the entire manuscript or a significant portion, offering detailed feedback in an editorial letter and/or within page margins. This support focuses on aiding authors in refining their books and generally does not encompass line editing.

How to choose the right editor?

As with any service, it’s challenging to gauge quality without firsthand experience or trusted recommendations. But here are a few tips to cut through the clutter of book editors and find the right one:

Ask for a sample edit
Many editing companies and freelance editors provide a complimentary sample edit of around 1000 to 2000 words. Utilize the same sample when comparing different services for a straightforward assessment of their quality. Additionally, when contemplating collaboration with an editing company, request profiles of potential editors and select the one with the most relevant experience in your genre.

Gauge professionalism from responsiveness
Do they promptly respond to your inquiries? Are they reliable in meeting deadlines? Do they grasp your concerns and address them in a way that fosters enthusiasm for collaboration?

Look for a holistic service provider
If you’re seeking professional book editing, it’s probable that you’ll also desire professional design services for your book’s cover and interior pages. For newcomers to publishing lacking a network of vetted professionals, partnering with a company offering a comprehensive range of services is advisable.

Do not underestimate project management
Similar to writing, book editing can be a lengthy endeavor. Seek out a company that views your book as a project and assigns a dedicated project manager to oversee it. This approach eliminates the need to communicate with multiple professionals for various services, streamlining the process. Think of it as having your own agent within the service provider.

Watch out for additional costs
Book editing involves multiple rounds of iteration before a book is deemed print-ready. When comparing prices, factor in the potential cost of additional editing rounds and whether any discounts apply.

Ensure a communication channel with your editor
Ensure that your editor is readily available to address any uncertainties you may have. Familiarize yourself with the potential ease or difficulty and the timeframe required for this clarification process.

Inquire about their complaints policy
Even after conducting thorough screening to select the best editor or service provider, there’s still a chance of disappointment. Prior to making a decision, it’s crucial to inquire about their feedback policy and how they typically handle complaints. Understanding these aspects can help mitigate potential issues and ensure a smoother collaboration process.

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