About Us

"International Research Promotion" (IRP) helps customers to promote and process any kind of research. Individual researchers, research institutes, scientific survey companies, conference organizers, Govt. organizations, international organizations, etc can use the following services.

Scientific Journal related services for publishers

1. Online manuscript submission platform for scientific journals

2. Online Peer review management platform for scientific journals

3. Peer review services: Complete peer review reports by subject experts (minimum 3 reports).

4. Plagiarism checking services

High plagiarism score of manuscript during peer review leads to rejection. It is always better to get Plagiarism reports before submission of manuscripts to increase acceptance rate. Our report will include similarity index, highlighted copied text, source document, plagiarism score, etc.

5. DOI services:

It includes following activities: a. Metadata creation as per the published paper following crossref format b. XML meta-data submission to crossref server c. Re-submission for any error/author change (only one re-submission per DOI), d. Annual maintenance, membership and other overhead charges.

6. Manuscript formatting and type-setting service as per journal format

7. Complete Journal Management Service


Scholarly publication related services for individual researchers

1. Expert Peer review reports (minimum 3 reports)
2. Plagiarism/similarity reports for submitted manuscripts.

Translation services: 

We undertake translation services for different languages. We provide fast professional (human) translation by streamlining the translation process (mainly for scholarly research papers).

English Language Editing services

Our service provides a new outlook to the manuscript, fine-tuning the English Language to make the manuscript compliant with other international submissions. IRP, with proficient specialist editors from various scientific disciplines, offers services that will help modify your manuscript such that it can meet international publication standards. Our Copyediting team comprises experienced Editors who are Postgraduates, MPhils and PhDs from reputed academic institutions as well as research scientists and academicians who are capable of editing Journals and Books across a wide range of subjects, be it scientific, technical or medical. Additionally, we try to engage English experts who are also subject specialists in the same area of the manuscript. The English editing service is designed to make you sound like a native English speaker. Customers will get an official certificate of editing, which can be verified online.

Research Promotion related services

1. Scientific targeted survey

2. Scientific Opinion poll

3. Scientific invention promotion by press report release/submission