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International Research Promotion (IRP) is a leader in trusted email delivery. Our powerful cloud-based solution sends marketing email for over 2100 paying customers, allowing them to focus on their business, instead of their email infrastructure.


Digital Marketing (EMAIL)

1. We have world class expertise in email deliverability, which increases the open rate dramatically.
2. We always provide warmed-up IP to provide best deliverability.
3. There is no use of high speed, if you get blocked by ISP providers and if you never reach the inbox. So we expertise in deliverability and open rate.
4. We ensure 10/10 score in, during delivery of our platform.
5. We are expert in delivery to the GMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL servers, which cumulatively constitute 73% of global email traffic.
6. We have only one simple Pricing slab: 200000 email relays at 50 US$ (This price includes web based email application, SMTP server, TLD domain and dedicated IP). Purchase request should be sent over email.


Award-Winning Email Validation Service

1. We also provide world class email list cleaning service to minimise bounce rate.
2. We remove invalid email addresses from your list using our unique email verification scrubbing system to prevent email bounces.
3. We help you to protect your reputation by reducing your bounce rate
4. We remove bad emails to improve overall inbox delivery metrics. 98% Accuracy Guaranteed. We are the leader in email validation, spam trap, and abuse detection.
5. Simple and straight forward Pricing: 100000 emails credits at 20 US$. Purchase request should be sent over email.


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International Research Promotion
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