Academic Plagiarism Checking

Plagiarism/Similarity Checking Service

High plagiarism score of the manuscript during peer review leads to rejection. It is always better to get Plagiarism reports before submission of manuscripts to increase acceptance rate. Our report will include similarity index, highlighted copied text, source document, plagiarism score, etc. 

Pricing for individual authors

Price:  2 USD per manuscript.
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** Documents should be within 6000 words. The preferred format for the document is MS Word. 

Pricing for Journal Publishers 
Number of Manuscripts / year  Price
20 manuscripts 25 US$
40 manuscripts 40 US$
80 manuscripts 75 US$
160 manuscripts 140 US$
320 manuscripts 270 US$
640 manuscripts 520 US$

** Individual document should be within 6000 words. The preferred format for the document is MS Word.

Identification of Fake Machine Generated Paper

The service is intended for publishers and conference organizers.

Sometimes fake papers are generated by computer programs like SciGen, Mathgen, Physgen, etc. SciGen is a prank computer program that generates random computer science papers. Those fake papers look astonishingly real with interesting headings, graphs and citations. In 2014, Springer and IEEE, two of the biggest academic publishers, had to retract more than 120 papers because they were generated by SciGen. IRP helps publishers and conference organizers to identify machine-generated fake papers. After checking we provide a certificate with the detailed analysis result. Additionally, we provide a complimentary plagiarism identification analysis report for each manuscript.


Number of Manuscripts / year Price
10 Manuscripts 10 US$
20 Manuscripts 19 US$
30 Manuscripts 28 US$
40 Manuscripts 37 US$
50 Manuscripts 46 US$
60 Manuscripts 55 US$
70 Manuscripts 64 US$
80 Manuscripts 73 US$
90 Manuscripts 82 US$
100 Manuscripts 91 US$

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