Academic English Editing

Academic English Editing service

Our service provides a new outlook on the manuscript, fine-tuning the English Language to make the manuscript compliant with other international submissions. IRP, with proficient specialist editors from various scientific disciplines, offers services that will help modify your manuscript such that it can meet international publication standards. Our Copyediting team comprises experienced Editors who are Postgraduates, MPhils, and PhDs from reputed academic institutions as well as research scientists and academicians who are capable of editing Journals and Books across a wide range of subjects, be it scientific, technical or medical. Additionally, we try to engage English experts who are also subject specialists in the same area of the manuscript. The English editing service is designed to make you sound like a native English speaker. Customers will get an official certificate of editing, which can be verified online.

Each service can be customized as per the requirements of the customers. For detailed pricing information please write to

Pricing for language editing services: 

Word Count     3 Days     4 Days     8 Days     Payment link
<1,000    USD78   USD75   USD70  
1000-1500    USD104   USD99   USD92  
1501-2000    USD129   USD121   USD113  
2001-2500    USD152   USD144   USD133  
2501-3000    USD177   USD168   USD153  
3001-3500    USD200   USD189   USD174  
3501-4000    USD225   USD211   USD192  
4001-4500    USD248   USD233   USD213  
4501-5000    USD273   USD256   USD234  
5001-5500    USD309   USD291   USD268  
5501-6000    USD333   USD313   USD287  
6001-6500    USD358   USD335   USD307  
6501-7000    USD382   USD359   USD328  
7001-7500    USD406   USD381   USD347  
7501-8000    USD430   USD404   USD367  
8001-8500    USD467   USD438   USD402  
8501-9000    USD491   USD462   USD421  
9001-9500    USD514   USD482   USD439  
9501-10000    USD538   USD504   USD463  
For more than 10000 words Please contact us for a custom price.